What Is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund (DAF) could be best described as a charitable investment account that provides simple, flexible, and efficient ways to manage charitable giving. The money that goes into a donor advised fund becomes an irrevocable transfer to a public charity with the specific intent of funding charitable gifts. This public charity serves as the administrator of the DAF.

How a DAF Works

  1. You make an irrevocable contribution from your personal assets. We accept as little as $10,000 as an initial contribution.
  2. You immediately receive the maximum tax deduction allowed by the IRS.
  3. Name your DAF account, advisors, and any successors, or charitable beneficiaries.
  4. AEF places your contribution in a donor advised fund account which your financial advisor can manage.
  5. Afterward, on your own timetable, you can recommend grants to qualified charities and nonprofit organizations.

Think of it as a Give-Grow-Grant process.

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Tom Tobin

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