The Solomon Family Foundation

" We had several goals in mind when the Solomon Family Foundation Donor Advised Fund was established at AEF. First, we wanted to share our unusual good fortune in business and life with worthwhile charitable endeavors- yet, we did not have specific organizations in mind at the time to actually distribute the funds directly to them. Second, we wanted to instill a sense of philanthropy in our children. With their advice, we’ve managed to award more than $800,000 to worthwhile causes in the past eight years. Third, we wanted to limit the amount of our estate distributed to our children to a level which would help care for their needs, but not distort their lifestyle. Fourth, we wanted to create a source of funds for them to distribute to worthwhile charitable endeavors so that they could share our joy of helping others. Fifth, we wanted to grow our funds for future grant making by recommending our trusted investment advisor. Our judgment is that we have achieved success in all of those goals."


Tom Tobin

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