Privacy in Donor Advised Funds

Privacy in Donor Advised Funds

The majority of donors choose not to remain anonymous, but you may want a greater degree of privacy when it comes to your charitable giving.

At AEF, we understand that charitable giving can be quite personal. 

Things to Remember

When it comes to your charitable giving activities, there may be times when you require a higher degree of privacy.

For example, if you’re an active member in your community, you may want a greater degree of privacy around your contributions than you could get through a community foundation run by your peers.

Certain donors want a higher degree of investment privacy as well regarding the investments in their Funds.

Why Grant Making Privacy?

  • Donors may have concerns about being inundated with unsolicited grant requests
  • Donors may want to avoid grant making pressures in the future
  • Donors may not want outsiders lobbying them about their pet projects
  • Donors may require absolute anonymity to protect a child from special attention

Privacy On Your Terms

At AEF, we consider privacy to be a fundamental priority in our relationship with you. We always maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your personal information. You can choose:

  • Full recognition
  • Partial recognition
    (i.e. fund name only, or fund name and contact information)
  • Full anonymity

As a donor, you may choose to maintain a certain level of privacy, or change this on a case-by-case basis. AEF gives you privacy on your terms.

The AEF Promise to You

For donors who have unique philanthropic needs, AEF’s independence provides a neutral platform, free of outside influences. We have no hidden or unspoken agenda (i.e. programmatic, social, religious, geographical, or succession).

In contrast, private foundations provide little confidentiality and no anonymity. With the proliferation of the Internet, an individual’s personal information is easier to come by than ever before.

Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can access Guidestar to gain information on any private foundation. Since all information gets pulled from a foundation’s 990-PF – or, in some cases, you can access the actual scanned 990-PF document – anyone can see the asset balance, the directors, contact information, administrative fees paid, every grant made, and investment management fees. Sometimes holdings are even included and available to outsiders.

Do you have special privacy needs you’d like to discuss? 

Please call us at 1-888-402-9179 or use our contact form. Our experienced staff will answer your questions.


Tom Tobin

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