Online Access via DonorCentral

If you have specific questions about a grant, please email us directly at the Grants department for fastest service at:

DonorCentral GUIDED TOUR
View a brief presentation on how to access and use your DonorCentral account

For New Users

AEF offers a secured web site for registered donors called DonorCentral. New users will receive a mailed letter with DonorCentral login instructions that will include a Username and Password with which to access the site.The site provides you online access to your Fund for the following:

  • Online grant recommendations.
  • Grant history – to whom you made grants, when, and in what amounts.
  • Gift history – what assets were contributed to your fund, when, and in what amounts.
  • Updated fund balance.

Your satisfaction is very important to us.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail at:


Tom Tobin

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