AEF – True Independence

The experienced team at AEF operates from a donor-centric perspective. This means that we take the time to build lasting relationships with our donors and their trusted advisors. We don’t operate a call center at AEF. Advisors and donors speak directly with AEF principals.

The AEF Difference

True Independence. AEF is not the captive charity of a for-profit company; nor, are we affiliated with another nonprofit. AEF does not sell financial products or services and we operate on a neutral platform with no hidden or secondary agenda (i.e. social, religious, geographic, investment, succession).

Designed for Your Benefit. We designed AEF especially for donors who are familiar with a more customized approach to investments. In fact, your investment advisor can manage the investments in separately managed accounts at all levels. This gives your trusted advisor the ability to tailor the asset allocation and securities selection according to your specific needs.

Investment and Contribution Flexibility. AEF doesn’t limit your investment choice to proprietary mutual funds or pools. Instead we offer a wide array of investment options, empowering you and your advisor to tailor your investment. In addition to cash and marketable securities, AEF accepts contributions from illiquid assets, such as real estate, closely held stock, life insurance policies, and others.

Grant Making Flexibility. Since we’re independent, we offer a nationwide scope for grant making without limiting donors to a specific geographic location or area of interest. We can make grants to international charities through arrangements we have with CAF America and GlobalGiving. We have no hidden or secondary agenda relating to social, religious, geographic, political, or investment interests.

Independence means we are free to focus our energies on you and your vision for your legacy.

Call us at 1-888-402-9179 or use our contact form to learn more about the AEF difference.



Tom Tobin

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